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  1. You install the plugin in a WordPress site just like any other plugin.  Follow this website here for extra help.
  2. Once installed activate the plugin and click the plugin settings.
  3. You will need to open the https port on your Practice Management system – and allow the IP address of your webserver (website) the plugin has a configuration page that shows this IP.
    This means your PMS will need to be accessible from the internet.  Please discuss this with your IT support.
  4. All your OpenVPMS user passwords should be password protected using strong passwords.
  5. In Openvpms you will need to create a user with a strong password.
  6. You will need a Licence which you can purchase here.
  7. Will will configure our API and test it to ensure it’s able to communicate with your server.  You will receieve a licence key.
  8. You will then need to configure your OpenVPMS system appropriately for online booking.  If you need further help we offer paid support to assist with this.
  9. Finally check what sort of options are available by reviewing the API settings page in Vetbook.
  10. Create an online booking page and booking management page in WordPress and link them to a menu.

Charlton IT offers technical support at no charge to configure the plugin in wordpress and setup the api and test it.  However if you require support configuring OpenVPMS and the server it runs on this is charged out at an hourly rate.

Vetbook is offered at a very reasonable price compared to most online booking solutions.